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Anji Ait Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the professional development and manufacture of various types of heat treatment equipment company in Zhejiang Province. The company has a rich theoretical knowledge and professional technical backbone, and hired a senior professional engineering and technical personnel, and in order to enhance the quality of heat treatment equipment, as soon as possible to narrow the gap between the international advanced equipment, reduce production costs, reduce energy consumption , we have been committed to scientific and technological progress, technological innovation, and strive to research and development of the "efficient, advanced, reliable and energy-saving" green heat treatment automated production lines (furnaces), created with its own characteristics, "AIT" brand products, the community established a good reputation and image.

The company's products are mainly used in the bearing industry, cold-rolled plate industry, magnetic materials industry standard hardware and other industries, product type divided into the following series:

1, continuous annealing furnace series: RZT all-electric roller hearth annealing furnace, FKT composite heating roller hearth annealing furnace, RPT, RPQ lock chamber parallel annealing furnace waste heat utilization, RUT U-lock chamber annealing furnace waste heat utilization

2, continuous controlled atmosphere hardening furnace Series: RTW roller mesh belt hardening furnace, RGT spiral drum hardening furnace, RB roller hearth hardening furnace

3x免费视频地址3, cycle furnace: pit furnace protective atmosphere protective atmosphere Bell furnace, box-type heaters, fuel heaters, gas furnaces, forging furnace.

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